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3Rs campaign

Welcome to this amazing new learning adventure in which you are going to improve both your English skills and your ICT ones. 

In this project, you are going to create a school campaign to improve recycling habits with your classmates, schoolmates and relatives.

Along with thisyou will also learn about how to express intentions and suggestions in English preparing the recycling campaign.

Try to do your best and enjoy your learning process!

In this resource, you will learn about how to implement the 3Rs campaign in your classroom, school and home. You will also think about the way to disseminate your product with your relatives, friends and school classmates and students through the use of QR codes.

Throughout this project, you will be proposed five missions and a final challenge.

There will be some tasks to work individually, but you will have pair or team work in most of them, too.  

Licencia de Creative Commons

Open Educational Resource by EDIA Project - Cedec.

English. Compulsory Secondary Education.

Author: Leonardo Boix Tapia.